History of Valiant Comics "CGC Replica" Variants by Terry Hoknes at hoknes@hotmail.com

When comics get professionally graded by CGC they are sealed in a case with a certain label showing the grade of the book and details of the contents.   In January 2016 Valiant Comics started making comic book variant covers that are fake parodies of comics being contained in the CGC cases.  Valiant has had huge success with the first few as they have all sold out and quickly increased in price to the collectors market.  More are in the works.   So far no other comic book publisher has copied this trendy new gimmick.

The first comic in the series was released on January 27th 2016 and is open ordered variant - this means comic stores could originally order as many copies as they wanted with no restrictions. 

Since these are only 1 of many different variant covers produced for each comic it is not known the exact print run of any of these comics.  But a rough estimate could be made that they would be in the 10-20% of the complete print run. www.Comichron.com will have this data a month after release.

It is likely in most cases that the print run is between 1,500 and 3,000 each for each cover.    

JAN 27 2016
FEB 17 2016
A & A #1
MAR 16 2016
APR 6 2016
4001 AD #1
MAY 4 2016

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