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Terry Hoknes is a leading expert in investing in both old vintage comic books as well as the latest hot new releases.

Terry began reading comics as a child back in the 1970's.   Action Comics, Star Wars, Shogun Warriors and Devil Dinosaur were his childhood favorite titles!

Terry has been buying/selling collectibles his entire life and has been selling online now since 1998 - 17 years !!   He has sold near a million items online !

He keeps a pulse on the comic market day and night !   He publishes over 100 market reports a year on hot comics, books that are increasing in value and books that are undervalued or historically important

For over 20 years Terry has been doing comic book history research and publishes a full line of books catered to comic book investors that teaches history as well

The series "Investing In Comic Books" has been used by collectors around the world to become more knowledgeable about vintage comic books to help them invest wisely!

Terry's motto is "knowledge is power".   He wants you to care about comic book history and appreciate the rarity of old comics and shows you in his books how comic books are the #1 best investment every year!

Terry has had market reports published in Gemstone's Comic Book Marketplace magazine, Bleeding Cool, Overstreet, Comics Heating Up, Invest Comics and at Hoknes Comics.