Most Valuable Comic Books Ever - Key Comics

Hoknes Comics is proud to present the only charts of its kind ever published.

The most valuable comics of every year from every major Golden and Silver Age Comic book Publisher

These lists show you the most in demand and valuable comics ever made and these are the books to invest in !

Terry Hoknes has been doing research for 20 years on valuable comics and their rarity.

Check out the lists so far:

DC Comics

Timely / Atlas / Marvel Comics

ACG Comics

Ajax / Farrell Comics

Archie Comics

Avon Comics

Centaur Comics

Charlton Comics

Columbia Comics

Comic Media Comics

Cupples and Leon Comics

David McKay Comics

Dell Comics

Dynamic Comics

Eastern Color Comics

EC Comics 

Eerie Publications Comics (1966-1982)

Fawcett Comics

Fiction House Comics

Fox Comics

Harry Chesler Comics

Gold Key Comics

Harvey Comics

Hillman Comics

Holyoke Comics

Key Publications Comics

Lev Gleason Comics

Magazine Enterprises Comics

Novelty Press Comics

Parents Magazine Press Comics

Prize Comics

Quality Comics

Rural Home Comics

Skywald Comics

Standard Comics

Star Comics

St. John Comics

Story Comics

Street And Smith Comics

Toby Comics

Tower Comics (1965-1968)

United Features Comics

Whitman Comics

Youthful Comics

Ziff Davis Comics

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