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This is a complete series of books that focuses on one specific era and publisher so you can really zoom into specific markets.

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Comics historian Terry  Hoknes has been working and compiling interesting historical facts and price guide and actual data of sales and CGC census data for years to give investors and historians the best compilation of information to help you buy, sell, collect and invest in comic books

Each book is updated with new data when you place an order so that your book gives useful current information and comments.

This is a BRAND NEW BOOK published this month that talks about this comic book series and/or publisher. It includes price data from the newest Overstreet Price Guide so you get the newest most up to date prices!  

In this book you will learn about the history of the series, genre, character OR publisher as listed in the title heading. This book is 100% dedicated to this specific topic. You will learn about all the key issues, covers of each key issue, description of the contents, market reports and all top sales from Heritage Auctions plus all the Overstreet Price Guide data for numerous years to compare trends and upward growth in value plus a complete breakdown of the CGC Census for all copies graded in all conditions. This book contains a market report and analysis that has not been published anywhere else focusing specifically on the topic in the title heading description.

If you collect for investment or are just interested in comic book history then this is the book for you ! This affordable book will give you all the information you need to make smart choices and can save you hundreds of dollars in the future.


Comic Investing is one of the hottest and continuously strong markets you can possibly invest in.

Did you know in the year 2000 only 6 silver age comics were worth over $10,000.00.  There are NOW 27 different comics that have reached that value.

Prices keep increasing and some comics have increased as much as 80x in value in the last 20 years. Did you know in just the last year alone 8 different comic books jumped in value over $5,000.00 from the prior year!

Did you know the last few years have been the biggest boom in interest in vintage comic books as serious investments and widespread media coverage and every golden and silver age comic has reached new price highs !

This item is perfect for the serious comic book investor who wants the best information to help make a good judgement in investing.

All the best information, sales data, rarity and content information and most valuable and important information is combined for the first time ever in a book aimed at giving you as much data on these comic books as possible.

We have a series of books available on different comic book eras and different comic book publishers. Check out our other listings

You are bidding on the specific book listed in the title heading.

Are you wondering which comic is the best investment? How does one expensive key issue compare to another?
How much did these books go up in value this year? How much over a 5,10,20,30,40 year period?

Everything you need to know is found in this detailed book with 2 full pages dedicated to each individual comic book.

Contents of this book:

Overview and comparison of all major investment comics - trends and reasons for picking one book over another

Individual book analysis of over 30 of the most demand and valuable comics! Every major key issue is included !
Title / Issue # / Date / Description of contents, first appearances, writer and artist credits. Any unique details about rarity or collectability of the book

Large size image of the front cover
Current price guide values in ALL conditions from GD (good) to NM (near mint) and then comparable value to last years prices
Long term investment we sample various years over the past 40 years to show growth in value over long period of time
The 5 highest recorded sales based on price/dollar at Heritage Auctions
Complete chart of every copy in all grades graded by CGC - to compare rarity and supply

Credentials of the author: Long term buyer/seller of comic books. Market Report Contributor to Comic Book Marketplace Magazine by Gemstone. Knowledge and marketing of the bronze age market led to many world record sales which to this date have never been broken. Writer of articles found in Comic Book Marketplace and Ape Chronicles Magazines.  Overstreet Annual Price Guide advertiser (see Overstreet #43 page 1075) and Comic Buyers Guide.

This book approx 80 pages is jam packed with all the information you need to make the best judgement possible for investing in comic books.

This is the perfect companion to the Overstreet Annual Comic Book Price Guide but keep in mind our goal is to collect data from all relevant sources past and present to create a comprehensive look at the history, progress, demand and price movement of each comic book.

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Here are some sample pages from our various books in this series which gives you a general idea of the layout of data included for each individual book

INVESTING IN COMIC BOOKS - A book series analyzing all the most important valuable classic comic books of the past. 

Here are the latest books in our series of over 200 books all written by Terry Hoknes - email with questions to

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Titles available in 4 series:   ERA / GENRE / PUBLISHER / COMIC TITLE  Click on the category of your choice



ERA- Books dedicated to the most valuable comics from one particular era



PUBLISHER - Books dedicated to the most valuable comics from one particular publisher


HORROR Genre - Horror Comic Book Publishers (Golden and Atomic Age) Pre-code horror 

ComicsInvestingCoverHorrorIndexGuideBookFanzineComicsInvestingDCHorror FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorAce

 FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorACG FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorAjaxFarrell FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorAvon

 FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorCharlton FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorComicMedia FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorEC

 FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorHarvey FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorPrize FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorStandard

 FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorStar FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorStJohn FanzineComicsInvestingHorrorToby

 FanzineComicsInvestingHouseOfMystery FanzineComicsInvestingHouseOfSecrets FanzineComicsInvestingMarvelHorror



COMIC TITLE - Golden Age - Miscellaneous Publishers

GENRE- Books dedicated to the most valuable comics from one particular Genre - WESTERN / WAR / SCI-FI / ROMANCE / HORROR / FUNNY


COMIC TITLE- Books dedicated to the most valuable comics from one particular popular comic series - The 30 most valuable key issues

COMIC TITLE - Marvel Comics





HOCKEY CARDS BY ERA / DECADE- OPC and Topps hockey cards from each decade - The 30 most valuable key cards


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This is the best place to find information on those rare DC Teen, Romance, Western, Satire, Funny Animal, Kid, Horror, Gothic Romance, Digests, Oversized Treasuries, Reprints, Giants and 100 Page Super Spectaculars and a few superhero's too!

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TIMELY / ATLAS / MARVEL COMIC BOOK SERIES we have books for Golden / atomic / silver / bronze age titles

2001 Space Odyssey

2-Gun Western

3 D Action

3 D Tales Of The West

Actual Confessions

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Adventure Into Mystery

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Adventures Into Weird Worlds

Adventures of Homer Ghost

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Daring Comics

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Della Vision

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